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podere montaleo

Podere Il Montaleo EVO 1846 - Limited Edition - 0,50 Lt.

Podere Il Montaleo EVO 1846 - Limited Edition - 0,50 Lt.

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Extra virgin olive oil in limited edition. 176 unique pieces of perfection of the raw material, of the maniacal attention to the processing and of the limited time frame.

This superior and magic extra virgin olive oil perfectly summarizes tradition, history and territory.

Podere Il Montaleo Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1846 Limited Edition is the winner of the prestigious Gold Award of the Dubai Olive Oil Competition Early Harvest Edition.


Moraiolo, Maurino, Leccino


A very green, fluid and fleshy oil. It has a frank and marked scent of aromatic herbs, thyme and sage, artichoke, almond, unripe tomato and pine nut.

Then rises a balanced fragrance of white pepper, surrounded by fruity sweet softness with an elegant and clean aroma.

In the mouth the taste of olive pulp and almond is warm, peppery and bitter.
The extraction technology exalts all polyphenols, maintaining the characteristics of the original fruit during the transformation in green nectar, underlining almond, artichoke and unripe tomato.


Panel by

Federico Mannozzi - Professional taster

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