Cesare Diddi Mussi

Cesare was born in Florence in 1990, he has the good fortune to grow up in a family which instills in him the love for his homeland and the importance of dedication to work. Since he was a child he has had a strong passion for sailing, the mountains and the world of agriculture. Of the latter, after completing his high school studies, he decides to make a job out of it. It was 2009 when Cesare definitively decided to move to Podere il Montaleo, a farm that has belonged to the family since the mid-nineteenth century. The deep love for all that is made in Italy and for high quality products, push him to create a brand of absolute excellence.
During the first years of work, he understands that to aim for high quality standards, the entire production chain must necessarily be carried out in the company. In 2016 he created a project for the construction of a structure where everything needed to produce extra virgin olive oil could be placed inside. This important project is completed and inaugurated with the 2019 oil campaign.

Driven by curiosity and with the complicity of an oil mill with important technologies, he begins a series of tests still in progress today, on various olive cultivars present in the company. In order to produce oils with completely different organoleptic characteristics. So much so that in 2022 the production of Podere il Montaleo reaches eight different products. Awarded in the most prestigious Italian competitions and in the world.

In the last year Cesare has given life to a new project, the goal is to create a new structure in the immediate vicinity of the oil mill and immersed in an olive grove on the slopes of Montaleo. Here the company will be able to host anyone who wants to approach the way of oil and get to know it through tastings with local agri-food products.

Cesare is still a great sailing enthusiast, when he has time he loves to sail with his family. He has been a member of the Lions Club International since 2015 and is a founding member of the Livorno Meloria Club.

" I consider Italy a wonderful country. I am happy that my son Dante was born here. I will always try to keep the value of Made in Italy high in the world ."

Cesare Diddi Mussi

Elisa Guidi

Elisa was born in Cecina in 1975, graduated in ligue, she is able to speak five languages.

Elisa follows the important bottling phase, and carefully follows the requests of each customer. It welcomes our guests, whether they want to buy our products or get to know the company.

Federico Mannozzi

Federico is a professional taster of the chamber of commerce. Its function in the mill is very important. Federico is present at almost all the pressings, he tastes each oil before and after filtering. It helps us understand which pressing parameters should be set, depending on: cultivar, ambient temperature, degree of ripeness of the olives and temperature of the olives.

"....never compromise. When they come to you they enter a pharmaceutical grade environment, they enter a professional medical office where they find a luminary who works wonders."
Federico Mannozzi

Roberto Diddi

Born in Livorno in 1959, he has a degree in economics and is our business consultant, with particular regard to industrial accounting, budget analysis and management control. He has important knowledge and experience in international tax law, international commercial law.

A great history expert, he has written two books on the history of the family, specifically analyzing the life of Carlo Morelli: member of parliament in Italy during the Risorgimento. His books "Carlo Morelli a reformist voice in the Italy of the Risorgimento" and "Corregere e non punire" have received considerable consideration from important Italian and international historical bodies. Roberto Diddi, although not a doctor, is an aggregate member of the Italian Society of the History of Medicine.

Roberto is a member of the Lions Club International and a founding member of the Italian Bikers Lions Club.

" My father.. the one who has always encouraged and supported me, the one who always finds a solution to the obstacles that arise in life. Thank you dad." Caesar