The simplicity of excellence


The olive harvest takes place mechanically, the olives are harvested and taken to the company mill within a few hours.

The pressing

The company is equipped with an oil mill made entirely by hand by the Mori-TEM company. The important friendship between Cesare Diddi Mussi and Giorgio Mori contributed to the construction of an oil mill to meet the company's needs. Always aiming for high quality standards. Our mill gives us the possibility of setting particular processing parameters for each batch of olives, so that we can extract the maximum in terms of aromas and flavors from each olive cultivar.


Filtering, a very important step to which every oil produced is subjected, takes place immediately after pressing, so that those particles of water are immediately eliminated which, together with other impurities, would give rise to micro-fermentations which, already in the short term, would negatively affect the quality of the oil. 'oil.

The storage

All our oils are stored the same evening of pressing, in silos at a controlled temperature and under food grade Argon. This specific gas for food means that the oil does not undergo oxidative principles, which would favor a more rapid aging and therefore a mutation of the taste and aromas of the oil itself.

The bottling

The bottling of our oils takes place with a very latest generation machine. The latter extracts the oxygen present in each empty bottle and introduces food grade Argon so that the oil that will go there immediately after will find an environment devoid of oxygen, which could slowly alter its flavours.

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