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Maurino Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 0,50 Lt.

Maurino Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 0,50 Lt.

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The Maurino olive tree is typical of the area of Lucca. The Maurino olive tree is grown throughout all Tuscany and also in many areas of central Italy. The Maurino Monocultivar is an extra virgin olive oil of great character and excellent quality.

100% Maurino.

The first week of October.

Oil with very intense characteristics, green and unripe scent of almond, artichoke and chicory.

Full, very bitter with a spicy edge and an intense fragrance of green tomato and aromatic herbs. There are pungent notes of white pepper and hints of kale and walnut hull.

Extra virgin olive oil with a great character that can be used in fish soups, white and read meats, salads. It is perfect with raw fish.


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