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Lazzero Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 0,50 Lt.

Lazzero Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 0,50 Lt.

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The Lazzero olive tree is typical of our ‘Val di Cecina’.
Searching for new flavours, in 2010 we started to produce this oil classified as medium intense.
To maximize its qualities and reach a good taste and aroma, it is necessary to provide for an earlier harvest than other varieties.

This extra virgin olive oil, since 2015 is mentioned in the “Flos Olei top 500” guide published by Marco Oreggia.

100% Lazzero

Middle of October

Rich and enveloping, full of fruity hints of unripe tomato, cut grass and green apple with notes of chlorophyll, fresh nuts, thyme and parsley.

On the palate it is elegant and distinctive with a taste of field lettuce and celery. Also bitter, strong and spicy, with olive and almond pulp, unique and harmonious

 This oil is ideal for dishes with spelt, salmon, baked potatoes, soups, grilled fish and fresh cheeses

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