Over 170 years of Tuscan quality and tradition




The origins

The story begins in 1846, when Cesare’s ancestor purchased the Podere, describing it to his son Carlo in this way:

“… I bought in Montaleo 4 saccate for 100 scudi to pay one year later. It can be considered the Eden of Casale.” (A saccata is an ancient Tuscan measurement corresponding to 6300 square meters)


The adventure goes on

After more than 160 years, in 2009, Cesare Diddi Mussi decides to continue the adventure of Podere Il Montaleo.

He moves on the Podere, the family country residence in Casale Marittimo, and to specialize in the production of extra virgin olive oil.




The new oil mill

2019. We inaugurated a beautiful building consisting of a modern oil mill, a bottling plant, storage rooms, offices and workshop area. The entire production, from the harvest to the packaging, takes place on our farm without interference from third parties. This way we can truly speak of a circular chain that starts from the work in the fields and ends with the transformation of the fruit into extra virgin olive oil.

“… since I opened the farm, I had this dream: an oil mill. It will allow me to achieve something from start to finish, without a third party altering or modifying my product. In this way I will understand what I should improve and the final result will depend solely on my work.”

Cesare Diddi Mussi


From those original 4 saccate, today Podere Montaleo measures about 30 hectares.


Podere Il Montaleo

Azienda Agricola Cesare Diddi Mussi
Partita IVA IT01620250496

Via del Montaleo, 26/B
Casale Marittimo 56040 (PI)
Toscana - Italy

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